Las Vegas Tourist Attractions

Passengers that arrive at McCarran International Airport can get to Las Vegas City Center within a 15 minute drive from the airport. At downtown Las Vegas, you will soon discover an active and lively city atmosphere with several things to do. However, travelers can also enjoy some of the many tours from Las Vegas to the surrounding areas.
Below you will find inspiration to some unique, memorable, and entertaining tours you can enjoy together with your travel companion(s).

Las Vegas: Casino Games on the Strip, Small Group Tour

First thing first! Because you cannot mention Las Vegas without thinking about all the gambling and casinos represented on the Strip. On this Las Vegas: Casino Games on the Strip, Small Group Tour you will be following a local guide around the Strip.

The guide will be able to tell you all about the history and evolution of gaming in Las Vegas. You will also discover some of the most iconic casino games, and be presented with some insider tips on how to play different games.

After hearing about Las Vegas’ gaming history, you will go inside one of the big hotels on the Strip where you will learn about slot machines. Discover more about the irrationalities of how to pick a winner, to the technology inside the machines. You will then have a chance to play yourself.

Will you hit the jackpot?

You will then move on to one of the more sophisticated hotels in the city where you will learn about the intimidating game of craps. Following you will be visiting a vintage hotel. Here, you will hear all about the not-so-secret ties of old Las Vegas to the mafia and men like Bugsy Siegel.

Before your tour ends, you will be exposed to the newest ways to enjoy gambling in Las Vegas. Explore how classic table games and slot machines are played next to beer pong. This is a unique tour not to miss if you are interested in Las Vegas’s gambling history.

Get your poker face on!

Helicopter Flight at Night over the Las Vegas Strip

Another way to explore Vegas is from above. On this Helicopter Flight at Night over the Las Vegas Strip tour, you will get amazing panoramic views of Las Vegas.

You will see everything from the Bellagio fountain, the laser beam at the Luxor, to the dazzling Stratosphere Tower on your helicopter flight.

Before you depart from the Las Vegas terminal, you will be served champagne to celebrate an amazing night to come.

Then you will rise to a panoramic view of the entire city of Las Vegas. You will see everything from the Stratosphere Tower, Wynn Las Vegas, Treasure Island, Mirage, Bellagio, Venetian, and the Paris Hotel as well as so much more.

Grand Canyon West Bus Tour from Las Vegas

If you need a break from all the activity and gambling in downtown Las Vegas, you should treat yourself with this Grand Canyon West Bus Tour from Las Vegas.

On the tour, you will experience the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon West on a bus tour from Las Vegas.

You will depart Las Vegas in the morning where you get to enjoy a delicious breakfast snack on the way to Grand Canyon West.

Once you arrive, you can take the shuttle bus to Eagle Point, where the Skywalk and gift shop are located. From Eagle Point, you will have an incredible view of the eagle-shaped rock formation. From here, you can also walk right up to the edge of the canyon. Furthermore, you can explore some of the old houses that the Native American tribes lived in many years ago.

The next stop is the Guano Point, which is located at the site of an old guano mine. Here you can enjoy views that are unique to the ones at Eagle Point. Stroll along the dirt trail at the edge at Guano Point for magnificent views from various angles.

Then you will all meet once again at the Welcome Center before heading back to Las Vegas. However, on your way back there will be a stop at the Hoover Dam for a wonderful photo opportunity.

This is a full day, 10 hours tour, and a tour you will probably remember for many years to come.

Hoover Dam Classic Tour

This tour to the popular Hoover Dam is an experience not to miss! First, you will all be transported from your hotel in Las Vegas to the dam, where you will be escorted to the Visitor Center. Begin your Hoover Dam tour by walking through exhibits, models, and photo displays. This will all give you a good introduction to the Hoover Dam.

Then you will ride the elevator 530 feet down through the canyon walls and land in the Hoover Dam Power-plant. Here you can see the large pipes that pump water from Lake Mead into the Hoover Dam generators. This is 30 feet in diameter, which makes them able to pump thousands of gallons of water every second. Following, you will see the generators that generate power from this water.

Before heading back to the city, you will enjoy an outside walking tour of the dam. Learn about the buildings and statues that surround the dam.

Book your tour now to enjoy the wonder that is the Hoover Dam.

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